Find Native Americans For Dating
Find Native Americans For Dating

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Seeking Handsome FIT Educated 1 womanMan
Године 55 из Charleston, South Carolina - На мрежи - Јуче
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Hi =) Im a Single Straight 53 sweet 1 man woman who is adventerous,Spontanious,family oriented I attend adult education to study for my g.e.d. then i do plan to attend college to obtain an associates degree in computer graphics and im in the search to build a friendship first with serious ( 1 on 1)boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with marriage potential I throughly do injoy walking hand in hand along the oceans edge with our feet n toes in the sand metal detecting live concerts going to the fair motorcycle riding, camping, fishing,travel to just ordering take out with snuggled up close watching a comedy movie is my best down time together Im only interested in only Responding to Handsome/attractive Educated finantuallyStabled fit n great shape with Out beer gutsAges( 40 to 55 ) Cherokee Indian,Caucasian, Italian( American ) Patient (1 ) man -woman responsible respectful considerate thoughtful fun-loving playful goofy /silly family oriented guy with a sence of humor mentally stabled ( Non) alcoholic( Non) drug user/pusher (Non)- woman, child or... Animal abuser Must have a Completely filled out profile with some ( Legit ) color photos ) L e s s ) than 4 yrs old
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165 цм
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Нисам сигуран/сигурна
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Немам кућне љубимце
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Образовни ниво  
Средња школа/гиманзија
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Код куће  
Увек је мирно


У средњој школи био/била сам  
Моја интересовања и хобији  
Породица, Вежбање/Тренирање, Уметност и занат, Музика, Филмове, Интернет, Путовања, Баштованство, Пецање/лов, Рачунари
Како замишљам провод  
Шопинг, Волим да испробавам нове ствари, Биоскоп, Блеја, Концерт
Мој савршен први састанак  
My idea of a first date would be is to just go to a family resturuant to just having that spark great chemistry fun laughter and Mutual attraction then the guy would ask If i would like togo on another date see how the evening goes ( Hopefully that will lead to more datesafter awhile of dating/ getting to know oneanother the guy would ask if i would like to go steady and be his 1 & only girlfriend =) naybe go on a horse n buggy ride =)
Одувек сам желео/желела да  
Go cart racing, metal detecting
Моји пријатељи кажу да сам  
Дружељубив/дружељубива, Кул, Блесав/блесава

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Духован/духовна сам, али не религиозан/религиозна
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На годишњем одмору
Мој животни циљ  
1.) continue going to my g.e.d. classes/get my g.e.d. 2). attend college to get my Associates degree in computer graphics 3). hopefully my future Boyfriend will bend over backawards to help teach me to learn to drive / to get my drivers licence 4). get Married 5).buy my dream car ( a Jeep Cherokee Patriot )
Мој смисао за хумор  
Дружељубив/дружељубива, Блесав/блесава, Урнебесан/слепстик


На ТВ-у увек гледам  
Комедије ситуације/Ситкоме
У биоскопу увек гледам  
Акције, Комедије, Љубавне, Документарце, Породица
Увек слушам  
Кантри, Рок, Метал
Моја 3 омиљена музичара  
Makes a interesting topic to discuss
Увек читам  
Здравствене, Историјске, Природа
Моје 3 омиљене књиге  
makes a good interesting topic to talk about
Како замишљам добру забаву  
Makes a great conversation topic..


Шта Вас привлачи?  
Домишљатост, Спонтаност, Саосећајност, Вештине, Смисао за хумор, Изглед, Брижљивост, Интелигенција
Шта тражите?  
F i t n Great shape Handsome/Goodlooking Nooo beer guts Clean / well groomed empathy considerate thoughtfullness educated with slap stick sence of humor/ goofy Family oriented respectful responsible
Какву везу тражите?  
Састанак, Посвећеност