Finde amerikanische Ureinwohner zum Dating
Finde amerikanische Ureinwohner zum Dating

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Searching for wise humble joyful soul
Alter 56 Von Greenville, South Carolina - Online - Über 2 Wochen her
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Basis Information

Ich kann sprechen  
Englisch, Italienisch, Arabisch
Ich würde mich selbst beschreiben als  
I enjoy talking about the world, humanity, God and Future. My passion is showing others kindness when others turn their backs. I have a big heart for the disabled and wounded both physically and mentally I never get tired of talking about God. Always looking beyond the layers of any subject and discovering how we / I can make it better for the good of all. I am currently finishing up a few books that I have been sitting on for a few years. God help me finish at least one! I love writing poems, songs and hope to complete a novel someday. Currently working on a Motivational Children's book. It's about a neighborhood and all live their seperate suburbiasturbing lives. Until a new family moved in everything changed for the better. It's about teaching children that we are all fundamentally the same underneath sometime many layers. All of us want two things basically. LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE. This is such a key ingredient for me to keep in mind when communicating with difficult people. Considering back to school again for Psychology, Education, Counseling and Foreign Languages, One of my many favorite things to do is ride around maybe in a Jeep and get off the beaten path; find a river and jump in it without hesitation. I love fine dining, but I'm not a snob about it. TRAVEL!!! I believe I may have a trace of Gypsy in my DNA, Boating is one of my favorites. I have always had a dream of sailing long distances. Prefer the mountains over the beach, however love them both. I am about to start new website of my photography. Shots not seen through normal eyes. " Abby Someone" What was the last name NORMAL that's it. Abby Normal (anyone see Young Frankenstein with Gener Wilder) I have been know to pull out a line and speak Movieeeeeze from time to time) Hopefully it generates a smile or chuckle. My children are grown productive and wonderful! I enjoy spending time with them when they are free MY MUSIC: Pretty easy, I love it all except rap n hip hop, My favorite era is 60s n 70s I prefer to enjoy it with someone who is honed in enough to the world to appreciate lyrics and the many potential interpretations, I love people and hope to surround myself with people who are like minds for my more intimate circles. Being silly and lighthearted is primarily my mode. I love making fun out of anuything. I also respect people who have a desire to improve any situation with a solution oriented mind. Kindness and Love are my tools to turn adversity into beauty. UNIQUE? Aren't we all? I truly have patience and love for everyone; even those who offend me. I used to allow it to go to far. I now take good care of myself and have healthy boundaries. I have been told many a time. I sometimes see what others don't. Lets's call it discernment or maybe intuition. We all have our special gifts. Hopefully we understand from whence it came. I aspire to be a real renaissance woman. I want to grow food, have the skills to get lost in the wilderness, learn martial arts again, master more than 3 languages, visit various cultures and put on an elegent dress and go to a ball or major event. I can jump in a river with no notice and see where it goes. I can also plan ahead and be structured if the event requires more self- discipline. Wait my greatest passion is God and Second to that.... Learn Learn Lean. I am thirsty to learn all that I can about YOU, US and Me. If we cease to learn, we cease to enjoy journery. Yup! FUN and LEARNING! OOps.. and LOVING! P.S. I would probably faint with joy if the man of my dreams was to read me poetry and critiqued mine. Day Dreaming. Ok I'm back now.. Anyway,,,,,,,,,, I sound a bit hokey; but I know how to make life fun and every moment a memory. To those who read. Thank You and God Bless and I wish you LOVE!

Erscheinung & Situation

Mein Körpertyp ist  
Meine Größe ist  
5' 2 (1.57 m)
Meine Augen sind  
Meine Herkunft ist  
Kaukasisch, Europäisch, Amerikanischer Ureinwohner/Indianer
Mein Familienstand ist  
Ich habe Kinder  
Ja - nicht zuhause
Ich möchte Kinder  
Meine beste Eigenschaft ist  
Mein Haar ist  
Ich habe ein oder mehrere folgende Haustiere  
Keine Haustiere
Bereit umzuziehen  


Mein Ausbildungsgrad ist  
Teilweise Hochschule
Mein derzeitiges Dienstverhältnis ist  
Mein Job-Titel ist  
Financial customer service
Ich verdiene im Jahr so viel  
$30,000USD bis $44,999USD
Ich lebe  
Ich bin Raucher  
Ja - Sozial
Ich trinke  
Ja - Sozial


In der Hauptschule war ich  
Mein soziales Verhalten ist  
Aufmerksam, Freundlich, Comedian, Party-Startet, Offen
Meine Interessen und Hobbys sind  
Religion/Spiritualität, Familie, Essen gehen, Fotografie, Kunst & Handwerk, Lernen, Musik, TV, Filme, Tanzen, Theater, Reisen, Kochen, Gartenarbeit, Autos, Camping, Ehrenamtliche Arbeit
Meine Vorstellung einer tollen Zeit ist  
Mit Freunden ausgehen, Daheim bleiben, Versuche neue Dinge, Filme, Entspannen, In ein Konzert gehen, In ein Museum gehen
Ein ideales erstes Date wäre  
Simple outdoor
Ich wollte immer schon versuchen  
Hunting just in case necessary
Meine Freunde beschreiben mich als  
Freundlich, Jemand, der sie sein wollen, Cool, Mysteriös, Albern


Meine Religion ist  
Ich besuche Gottesdienste  
Mein Art Humor ist  
Clever, Freundlich, Albern, Mysteriös, Witzig


Im Fernsehen sehe ich mir Folgendes gerne an  
Situations-Komödien, Filme
Meine Top 3-Shows im TV sind  
Kansas Yes Queens of Stone Age
Wenn ich ins Kino gehe, sehe ich immer  
Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Romanze, Drama, Dokumentation, Familie, Thriller
Wenn ich mir Musik anhöre, höre ich immer  
Rock, Electronic, Pop, Klassik, Ich bin ein Musiker, Blues, Jazz, Industrial, Lating, New Age, Stimmungsvoll, Dance, Soul, Reggae, Gospel, Folk, Punk
Wenn ich lese, lese ich immer  
Historisch, Geschichte, Philosophie, Poesie, Wissenschaft, Ich bin ein Autor
Meine Vorstellung von Spaß ist  
Anything involving mountains and water

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Was findest du attraktiv?  
Esprit, Flirtwillig, Kraft, Spontanität, Sensibilität, Einfühlungsvermögen, Tolle Fähigkeiten, Humor, Gutes Aussehen, Nachdenklich, Intelligenz
Wonach suchst du?  
Brains with Wisdom and love for all!
Nach welcher Art Beziehung suchst du?  
Freund, Date, Vertrauter, Verpflichtendes